Call for Submissions...

I am seeking writer(s) of new adult or young adult fiction, for a couple of upcoming projects under development at D4EO. The selected writer will be offered representation by me/D4EO Literary Agency. The writer will then work directly with me on the development of an upcoming YA or NA project (The audience/genre will be tailored to the writer’s voice and interests) from the ground up.

(PLEASE NOTE- when I say “NA” I mean a contemporary fiction project with characters in their twenties. Think Cora Carmack, Jay Crownover, Jamie Maguire, not literary fiction with young-ish characters or adult sci-fi/western/fantasy with a 20-something characters).

To be considered:

Send an email to:

Include a simple introduction with any relevant writing/publishing background (None required, but if you have any credits, let us know).

Include in this email what genres/styles you are most drawn to writing (fantasy? contemporary? YA? NA?)

Paste in a 5 to 10 page writing sample from a new adult (contemporary only per above) or young adult (any subgenre) project. Choose your BEST work here! Your book DOES NOT have to be completed. If 5 pages is all you have written, that’s 100% okay. You DO NOT need to include any kind of pitch. I’m looking for the right voice here, not the right storyline/plot/hook.

That’s it. I’ll be combing through the pages, looking for the right voice for the project(s) I have in mind. The top couple of choices will be asked to write a few pages based on a specific idea, and I will select the right writer for my project at that time.


Q: What do you mean by projects “in development?”

A: Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I’m constantly saying, “I want a book about X. Someone has to be writing this. Send it to me.” Well, after years of doing this without finding the projects I’m hungry for, I’ve decided to simply find the right writer and work directly with them on developing the book I’m looking for.

Q: So… is this like a book developer/packager?

A: While we are developing this project “in house” and matching it with the right writer, I’m not launching a full-blown packager. I’m simply looking to work one on one with a talented writer who can pull of writing the kind of book I’m looking for.

Q: How will the compensation work?

A: The compensation structure will be similar to how it works when an agent signs a writer for their original fiction. Meaning, the agency and the writer get paid when the book sells. The agency will deduct the agency commission and the balance is paid to the writer.

At many packagers, the vast majority—between 70 and 90 percent—of an advance paid by a publisher goes to the packager, not the author, and these authors often receive little or no share of subrights sales. That will not be the set up in this case.

Q: What’s in it for the author?

A: You work with me every step of the way, from brainstorming to line editing and everything in between. You can choose your pseudonym (or use your real name), for this project and any thereafter, so if our joint project sells well, you keep building upon that. (Whereas at packagers, they often “own” the pen-name). Think of it like writer’s bootcamp, working one on one with an agent. In addition, I hope it’s just the beginning of a long and fruitful career, and we’re able to work on future projects of your own choosing, in a more traditional author/agent capacity.

Q: What’s in it for D4EO?

A: I get fantastic projects to shop. I get to discover new voices. And I get to do my favorite part of the job—helping authors break into the industry.

So that’s it. I’ll be screening the submissions, initially, after November 4, but likely won't be selecting someone until late November. So take your time, polish 5 to 10 pages, and send it in.

I look forward to reading your work.