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How to Write and Sell the Young Adult Novel with Mandy Hubbard

It's that time again! My course on Writing and Selling the YA Novel begins on February 11!

Enrollment just started today, so there's plenty of room (18 seats) if you simply want to skip this giveaway and register for the class!

During the course, you'll get plenty of lectures on the genre, craft, and industry tips. Plus, I'll read and comment on your synopsis-- not just to be sure it's submission-worthy, but so that I can comment on your project as a whole-- where you're taking it and whether it's marketable, and if not, how we can make your book feel fresh in a tight market. Beyond that, I'll be reading and critiquing your first 20 pages, plus your query letter!

Last time around, I received a lot of tweets from folks wishing they could register, but they simply didn't have the cash, and thus I decided to give away a 19th seat. It was so much fun, I decided to do it again! Enter below for a shot at winning a free seat-- a $399 value.

To gain entry, you can tweet (which can be done daily for extra points) or like my facebook page.

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I entered to win a seat in Lit Agent @MandyHubbard's online Writing & Selling YA class via @LitReactor! Details here: http://bit.ly/UbJwBx

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