Q: How did you become a literary agent?

A: I answered this in a post for Publishing Crawl.

Q: What's up with the pen-name? Why do you write under Amanda Grace AND Mandy Hubbard?

A: For a lot of reasons! Mainly, I'd always wanted to be a 2-book-per-year author, and most publishing houses put authors on a 1-book-per-year schedule. Secondly, every publishing contract tends to include an option-- meaning your publisher has first right of refusal on your next work. By limiting my option to books written as Mandy Hubbard, I was able to branch out with a second career under Amanda Grace. Thirdly-- I write in wildly different styles. It makes sense to differentiate my dark, serious, contemporary books (the Amanda Grace books) from my other proejcts.

Q: I heard you're a robot or something. Is that how you find the time to write and agent?

A: Actually, this is one of the most common questions I get. The short answer is: since I want to continue writing and agenting, I simply maintain a smaller client list than the average agent. Many agents have fifty or more active clients. My list isn't full--yet--but I will not be maintaining a list of that size, in order to balance writing and agenting.

Q: I want to read your books and review them for my blog. Can you send me a copy?

A: I get these requests almost daily, and sadly, no. I would be out of personal copies within a couple of weeks and then be actually BUYING my books to send them to bloggers. Thus, I've decided to just leave it up to my fantastic publicists.