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1 Wish
2 Girls in love with the same boy
14 Days to stop the madness!

Starred Review: “Readers will love this fantastically funny, heart-warming book about getting much more than you wish for.” -Juli Zimmermand, VOYA

Water has cursed her soul--can he save her heart?

Nicely conveys the heartache, confusion, and conflicts of high school, while providing readers with insights into self-determination and finding the difference between what you are and who you are.”- Publisher’s Weekly

Flirting with danger can cost you your life....

"Genuinely Creepy"-- Publisher's Weekly

"Hubbard hits the ground running witha heart-racing prologue. The story then builds with a slow burn and an ominous air."- SLJ


 Callie falls head over heels--literally--and wakes up in Austen-era England.

“I love fashion, and I am fascinated by history. This book combines both.” - Abigail Breslin (Actress), TIME Magazine

“Part comedy of errors, part romantic-fantasy,  this fast-reading, playful novel takes the idea of feeling out of place to a hilarious extreme.” - Publisher’s Weekly