Hi Everyone!

So, I've been keeping a secret. For a really long time.

 Last year, I started writing a new project. It was goofy and funny and so enoyable to write, it reminded me of the early years of my writing career.  Yes, I realized--I missed the days of PRADA AND PREJUDICE and YOU WISH and writing romance and jokes and letting the characters act stupid and fall in love.

As soon as I sat down and started this project, it just kind of wrote itself. And man, it was fun to write.

I sent it out into the world, and it sold.

Right before Thanksgiving.

OF 2012!!

Yes, I've been sitting on this news for a full year now, but today the following deal was submitted to Publisher's Marketplace:

PRADA AND PREJUDICE author and literary agent Mandy Hubbard’s FOOL ME TWICE, pitched as THE VOW meets OVERBOARD, in which a girl’s ex-boyfriend loses a year of memory, so she pretends they’re still together as she plots ways to avenge her broken heart, to Caroline Abbey at Bloomsbury, for publication May 2014, by Bob Diforio at D4EO Literary Agency.


It has a blurb from my author idol, Jennifer-freaking-Echols:
"For everyone who has lost in love and longed for an epic do-over, Fool Me Twice is laugh-out-loud, feel-good fun." —Jennifer Echols, author of Forget You and Dirty Little Secret

But wait... THERE'S MORE!

It has a cover.

A cover I love:
SO... GO add it to your goodreads. And keep an eye out for it--Coming May 6, 2014!