Writing & Selling the YA Novel Course Giveaway

Hello, folks!

On January 27, I am once again teaching my Writing & Selling the YA novel course via Lit Reactor:


This class has sold out all 18 seats the three previous times I've taught it, and this year I elected to go for a smaller class size of 12, which should give us more time to get to know each other and talk about your projects.

The class consists of:
- 7 Lectures
- Three critiques by me (Your query letter, your synopsis-- wherein we'll discuss all the major plot points and character ARCs and how your project fits into the current YA landscape/market---and the first 10 pages of your book, where I'll help you smooth out your opening and pinpoint any voice/writing issues.)
-Peer critiques-- you will be assigned groups so that you can read and critique one another.
- Samples of query letters for clients I've signed, including an analysis of what caught my attention and why I requested the book.
-message boards in which we can chat about anything and everything writing and YA related.
-A final conference call with me and your classmates to talk about all things publishing and anything you didn't get answered during the course.

Enrollment is open now, so feel free to hop on and register. The class is likely to sell out, FYI.

But if you can't swing it financially right now, here's your opportunity to get in for free.

Lauren Barnholdt has generously offered a scholarship for one student. That's right-- she's going to pay the $399 tuition for you!

If you don't know Lauren, you should. Besides the fact that she's clearly an awesome human being, she's also funny and smart and wildly talented. She wrote some pretty awesome books, including this wildly popular one:

So enter below. Winner will be selected on January 22 so you'll have a few days before class to polish up your work.

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